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Purchase Dr. Ugqueze’s newest book, Reimagining the African American Family Through African Cultural Values and Structures(Paperback)

.Dr. Uche  Lynn-Teresa Ugwueze's novellas are lauded for their realistic depiction of social issues, extensive exploration of female realities  and epic representation of family dynamics. Many  of them draw upon  her rootedness of human dispositions and attitudes.

Dr. Ugwueze has given incisive speeches to audiences and is a noted speaker on radio, television, and conferences. She has  worked as a  Continuity Announcer and Producer on radio and  television.

Dr. Ugwueze is also the author of several articles and books among which are Wet in the Sun, The Blunt Blade, Tears Without Cry,  Married to a Stranger  and African Culture, Identity and  Aesthetics: The Igbo Example.  She lives in Los  Angeles, California.

About Dr. Uche Lynn-Teresa Ugwueze


Reimagining the African American Family Through African

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